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Bookmarks for Success©
$The One Dollar  Success Plan©$
Learn the tips and secrets of the e-ThinkSmart way

There are 10 different categories available in GloTag® Press’s Bookmarks for Success©
These bookmarks are called, $“The One Dollar Success Plan"©.$ 

Tom Ray designed these easy and convenient to use bookmarks, so that anyone can have an immediate, inexpensive reminder of what commands to give oneself daily, in the process of making positive changes in his or her life. 

You also need to order a copy of his book, The Puzzle Factory Syndrome, in order to understand how and why these commands work.

Each card has very valuable and helpful Self-Commands™. These commands are from Tom Ray's Book, for you to use for the rest of your life!

●Success,  ●Perfect Health,  ●Weight Loss,  ●Stress Elimination,  ●Super Salesman,
●Allergy Elimination,  ●Stop Smoking,  ●Eliminate Depression,  ●Stop Drinking,
 ●Good Study Habits       

Get your set of bookmarks, Today!


     Order your set of 10 different Bookmarks for Success©, "A Value of a Lifetime"

  Share with your friends and family a truly valuable and helpful gift.

What is your Life, your Success, your Health and your Happiness worth? 

Is it worth two cups of that expensive coffee, or the price of a two movie tickets, or three gallons of gas, or four ice cream cones, or three hotdogs, or 1 New York hamburger?? 

Put yourself first for a change.  Order Now!                                                      GLOTAG®

 My Guarantee to you: If you read through the ten different Bookmarks For Success©,  $The One Dollar Success Plan©$, and you find them to be of no value to you, return them to me, and I will refund the purchase price. 

    Do something GREAT for yourself that is good for a lifetime!
Order right here   V

One Set BookMarks, $10.00,   Ten bookmarks, ten different categories.
Price: $ 10.00 Quantity:             



Bookmarks for Success© are available in very LARGE quantities, at a reduced price, for schools, school fund raisers, churches, clubs, doctors’ offices, health food stores, and bookstores.

Bookmarks for Success© can be packaged to fit any need.

Bookmarks for Success© are especially great for company giveaways, as a promotional product. 

Bookmarks for Success© are fantastic for employee relations programs, in all types of businesses, both large and small.

The increased good health and happiness of a company’s employees is   $$$ like putting money in the bank! $$$

An interesting eye-catching  COUNTER DISPLAY  is also available for RETAILERS who want to sell Bookmarks for Success© to their customers.

The profit structure ($$$) is designed to give the business a greater percent of profit than almost any other product in a store. 

$ Profit $ is good. 

The customer still pays only $1 per bookmark!

Bookmarks for Success© lead to more healthy and happy customers, and more book sales.

        Bookmarks for Success© 10 different categories
$The One Dollar Success Plan©$
#1 Success, #2 Perfect Health, #3 Weight Loss, #4 Stress Elimination, #5 Super Salesman #6 Allergy Elimination,  #7 Stop Smoking,  #8 Eliminate Depression,  #9 Stop Drinking,     #10 Good Study Habits    

Click below for order information on our counter display. There are 200 bookmarks in each display, 10 different categories, 20 per category.

For larger "bulk orders" contact

(type in the e-mail, we do not like the spam crawlers)

          The $"One Dollar Success Plan"$ Counter Display              Order your set! 10 different categories 

#DB-200 BookMarks Counter Display, 200 count, 20 per category, all 10 categories
Price: $ 60.00 Quantity:

Success, Perfect Health, Weight Loss, Stress Elimination, Super Salesman, Allergy Elimination, Stop Smoking, Eliminate Depression, Stop Drinking, Great Study Habits 

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