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The Puzzle Factory Syndrome
The Puzzle Factory Syndrome

                "Have you ever wondered why some people are successful, healthy and happy, while others are not?  Now you can find out how the successful, healthy, and happy people think, act and speak.  You can do it, too! It is so very simple.".........Tom Ray

*A self-help book, over twenty years in the writing, from Tom Ray's work at the South Texas Medical Center, in San Antonio, Texas.

          We were all born with a condition that I call The Puzzle Factory Syndrome
, and when you understand and control it, by using The Laws of the Subconscious, in other words, the laws of controlled effective Smart Thinking, you will attain success, health and happiness for the rest of your life.

You can start fresh at any age!

 *The shame of it all is that most people think that there is nothing wrong with their thinking. They think that is just the way they are.  Just look around you and you will see what I mean! 

People will change if they know how to DO IT THE EASY WAY!

People are dying  from overweight, smoking, alcohol, drugs, suicides, heart attacks, stress, depression, wars, cancer, sicknesses of all kinds.

There are laws of gravity. 

There are laws of electricity. 

There are laws of fluid motion

Believe it or not, there are also laws governing how the mind works.  They should have taught you this in grade school, but they didn't know these laws existed.  Now they are available in Tom Ray's book 


GloTag® Press.

Tom's Guarantee:  If you do not benefit greatly, after reading my book from cover to cover, return it for a full refund. This is unheard of in the book business. 

Order your copy, Now!


Learn the easy e-ThinkSmart way.
Learn which words patterns and
thoughts patterns can help you,
and those that cause you failure.

Every action you take in your life is
caused first, by a thought process.
No thought process, no action.
Learn how simple Smart Thinking
can help you in every aspect of your life.
Not to be disrespectful, as Dr. Phil states,
"How has your past thinking been working
for you."
                                                        Tom Ray


The Puzzle Factory Syndrome
by Tom Ray
304 pages
Publisher: GloTag Press; (April 1, 2003)
ISBN: 1932357009
First Edition
The Puzzle Factory Syndrome
Price: $ 17.95 Quantity:

A few one liners:

●"Thanks so much. This really helps."
●"I recovered more quickly than I anticipated!"
●"I am more confident than I could ever
   have believed."
●"Where were you 17 years ago when I started
   seeing a shrink."
●"After your speech, I had such a positive attitude.
   It was incredible."
●"The world has not changed, but I have!"



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