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Toys and Games for Success

Toys and Games for Success™

The Toy and Board Game Division of GloTag® Press was created to assist inventors that find it difficult to break into the toy and game market.  The division concentrates on Toys and Games for Success™.

GloTag® Press Toy Brokers has contacts with manufacturers in China, and contacts at all levels of United States toy and game industry. We can assist the inventor, from conception to money in the bank.  Our company's ten-year relationship with capable and highly reliable patent attorneys is also valuable information for the inventor.  Using Customs Brokers, for your product manufactured overseas, is a snap when dealing with GloTag® Toy Brokers.  We are a one-stop shopping center for the inventor just getting started.

If you have a product or invention that you think fits into this category, contact GloTag® Press Toy Brokers, for additional information.

                                     E-mail: gtpress@texas.net.

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